We take personal responsibility for the existence and strengthening of Israeli society. Bostan Thom connects people with nature, nature enters his soul and heals him. We will work together to restore security, peace and strengthen society We continue to create an inviting and sustaining space even in this period We are reinforcing the members of the security forces and the families of the reserve men and women

🇮🇱During the coming weeks we will continue to hold meetings and volunteering.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we will hold meetings for the Bostan Thom community: volunteers, fellows, friends and family members.
Coffee, conversation, volunteering in the garden and quality time together.
for contact and updates [email protected]

Man and Earth 🌿
Three sessions on health, medicinal plants, ecology, nutrition and permaculture. Under the direction of Mein Raphael, in Bustan Thom
The course is on Fridays 11.10, 11.17 and 11.24 between 9:00-12:30.
For more information and to sign up please use this form.

You are welcome to coordinate activities for groups and volunteers with us, we are available for you.
For coordination, please contact [email protected]

We, the Bustan Thom team, take responsibility and feel a mission to strengthen the spirit of all Israeli citizens, together with those who constitute our most valuable resource – the amazing community of volunteers.
Hoping for quiet days, the Bustan Thom team.