Between Mount Carmel and the sea, in the midst of a magical valley, lays an organic farm – “Makura”-unique and isolated location of the Farm on the slopes of Nahal Maharal, enables the existence of a healthy and independent farm.


At the southwest of the area is an experiential Interactive environmental center that aims to inspire the sustainable relationship between man and nature.

Bustan Thom was founded in 2010 as an Interactive learning center whose goal is to impart knowledge and values and develop applicable solutions for sustainability. The unique and isolated location of the orchard on the slopes of Nahal Maharal, Mekora farm, engaged in organic farming, enables the existence of a healthy and independent farm.

Our Story
The orchard tells of the choice of Anat and Doron Farkas to follow in the footsteps of their late son, Captain Thom Farkas, a pilot killed during operational activity in the Second Lebanon War. The Orchard’s activity symbolizes the continuity of life and the contribution of Thom and other soldiers to the existence of the State of Israel. The orchard was established out of a desire to preserve their legacy of actively contributing to society and to the environment. At the heart of our work are volunteers from all walks of life. The volunteers take an integral part in guiding agricultural activities. All as part of a social belief that sees volunteering as a significant value and nurtures a professional and ethical team that is practically a family. Our uniqueness stems from the combination of the magical place and experiential guidance, which illustrates values in an interesting and interactive way, inspiring visitors to take active steps influencing the environment in which they live.
ענת פרקש

Anat Farkas, the founder of and the mother of Bustan Thom.

  • Immigrated from Canada to Israel.
  • Married to Doron, a pilot in the IDF Air Force.
  • Involved in establishing the Thom Orchard to continue the spirit and values of their son.
  • Focuses on raising awareness and imparting values related to sustainability and environmental education.

Veronika Amar , Bustan Thom Director.

  • Involved in sustainability and environmental education for over 15 years.
  • Mother of three, married to Raz.
  • Holds a master’s degree in environmental studies in Israel.
  • Certified tour guide with a focus on sustainability and society.
  • Considers the work in Bustan Thom a mission to inspire a connection to nature and the community.
  • Works with volunteers and the team for growth and joint action.
ורוניקה אמר

רותם דורי
רכזת הדרכה ומתנדבים

רותם בעלת תואר ראשון בחינוך ותקשורת, לימודי תעודה בפוטותרפיה ו-Photo Voice, צלמת ופעילה סביבתית בים. לומדת תואר שני בניהול קיימות עירונית.

מרכזת את עבודת המתנדבים בבוסתן ומפתחת תכניות חינוכיות נגישות וחוויתיות למגוון קהלי היעד בבוסתן, תוך ראיה וחשיבה חדשנית ויצירתית.

יערה ארזי
רכזת חקלאות

עיסוקיה המקצועיים של יערה שילבו בין העולמות : הדרכת טיולים, עבודה בגני ילדים, סימון שבילים, עבודת ייצור ביקב וחקלאות (גידול כרמי הענבים). עולם הטבע ואיכות הסביבה תמיד נגעו לליבה והיו חלק מחיי היום יום שלה, בעיסוק ובפנאי. חברה,חינוך והדרכה גם כן. 

“היום ב’בוסתן תם’ אני ממשיכה בשילוב תחומיי העניין ושואפת ללמוד ולהתפתח, יחד עם כל המתנדבות והמתדנבים.”

אורי תורג’מן
מתנדבת בבוסתן ומרכזת את תכנית המלגאים

אורי סטודנטית לתואר ראשון בגיאופיזיקה באוניברסיטת תל אביב.חובבת אסטרונומיה ופעילה בתחום החלל בארץ.

מתנדבת בבוסתן תם זו השנה השנייה ומרכזת את תכנית המלגאים.

Leviathan Scholarship Project Participants (40 Students second year)

  • Jewish, Arab and Druze students from the Carmel Coast Area,
  • Come from various disciplines and academic studies in the field of Science and Technology.
  • Receive scholarships through the Leviathan Partnership.
  • Desire to connect with nature and values related to environmental protection and organic agriculture.
  • Engage in projects, manage social networks, and integrate into agricultural work to impact visitors positively.The involvement of students through the Leviathan Scholarship Project emphasizes the importance of connecting young minds with nature and fostering values of environmental protection.


  • The volunteers of Bustan, whether they are older individuals or young ones, are amazing people who take personal responsibility and contribute their time for the benefit of the educational activities taking place in the Bustan. This is a team that has been working for years for the sake of education for sustainability, both in nature and in human relations.
  • We invite you to join the Bustan family.

Veterans in Service “Retirees Service Year“

Close to 50 older volunteers, retirees and local residents of the area, are participating in a unique volunteering initiative at Bustan Thom and on the Carmel Coast Regional Council. Known as “Retirees Service Year ,” they play an active role in guiding and operating the Bustan. As well as participating in our training and educational sessions. Together with the students, they contribute to and create a community, fostering collaboration between different generations.