Social, community, and environmental projects in the orchard.

At Bustan Thom we have been operating unique initiatives fostering intergenerational and multicultural connections. We emphasize common values, sustainability, and a connection to nature.

Thanks to partners who support and take responsibility for the environment and sustainability, we invite partners from the business and private sectors to take responsibility for the environment and sustainability and lead together with us to a change for a better society and environment. We invite you to take part in our work and participate in joint ventures.

For many years, Bustan Thom has been operating unique projects that invite intergenerational and multicultural contact. We emphasize shared values, sustainability, and connection to man and nature.

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Initiatives יחד ננצח

In light of the situation in Israel, we have opened the opportunity for the community and displaced residents to participate in professional courses, training sessions, and activity days at Bustan Thom free of charge.

These courses provide respite and a connection to nature and the place. They also empower us to contribute to the community’s resilience.

  • Course “Man and Earth” with an emphasis on medicinal plants and gardening.
  • Training day on nutritional security.
  • Introduction to ecology.
    Beekeeping course.
  • Autumn photography workshop

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Leviathan Scholarships for Students Volunteers

Around 40 volunteer students, recipients of Thom scholarships, contribute to Bustan. In the first year of the project, in 2022, we started with 25 students, this year, 2023 we have around 40 students, with 50% continuation.
Leviathan Scholarships, named after the late Capt. Thom Farkas – Jewish, arab and Druze Students from the fields of science, technology, and environment living in Hof Carmel and volunteer at Bustan Thom. The students contribute through training, leading unique projects from the worlds of marketing and social media, supporting agriculture, and cultivating the orchard in exchange for a full annual scholarship from the Leviathan Partnership.

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Healthy neighborliness

Students and youth from Jewish, Druze and Arab societies meet, get to know, connect and initiate change together.

A project that began as a dream of Anat Farkas and gained momentum with the support of partners from the youth department of Hof Ha Carmel and Strauss was implemented with a group of about 30 youth from Ein Hod and Ein Carmel. The students met in Bustan Thom and even visited Ein Hod and Ein Carmel in order to get acquainted with environmental initiatives and promote joint initiatives. In light of the success of the pilot, with the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, we are coming out with formal documents assessing and evaluating the program and promoting it outside the borders of the region. In order to promote dialogue, connection, and multiculturalism. This year, the program will expand to include elementary students from Atlit, Isfiyya, and other localities. Our goal is to inspire change and joint action.

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Retirees Service Year

For the past decade, about 50 retired volunteers have been active in Bustan Thom, participating in the groundbreaking program Gashashim – a program that was born at Hof Ha Carmel in collaboration with Anat Farkas, founder of Bustan Thom. The program works in cooperation with the Department of Localities of Hof Ha Carmel Regional Council and enables retirees to be active and continue to act and promote their areas of interest, Contributing to society and the environment. To grow and strengthen an active and creative community.
The program aims to promote an active and creative community.

To join:

  • Scholarships for students in exchange for volunteering at Bustan Thom.
  • Subsidize activities for specific groups.
  • Support the orchard campaign in return for broad exposure on social networks, the orchard’s website, and among the many visitors.
  • Sponsorship of professional events and seminars.
We’d love to get new ideas! Since the beginning of the begging of our journey, many partners have supported and joined us along the way who have donated their time, talent, and money to empower our activities for society and sustainability.
To our Partners, we offer the following opportunities
  • Supporting a dedicated program – we will build a special educational program for the target audience that emphasizes and assimilates shared values in line with the messages of the Bustan (orchard).
  • Supporting activities for target populations, according to your choice, we suggest that you subsidize activities for populations with special needs, youth at risk, and disadvantaged populations.
  • Support the integration of innovative technologies and the introduction of Israeli development projects into Bustan Thom.
  • Supporting volunteer employees at Bustan Thom by working with organizational activity and corporate responsibility.

Here us a list of some of our partners

מלגת לוויתן
Leviathan Scholarship
Chevron, Ratio, and New Med partnership

Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild

The Weinrach Family

החברה לפיתוח קסריה

Caesarea Development Company

בית הבד מקורה

Makura Organic Farm

מועצה חוף הכרמל

Hof HaCarmel Regional Council

Strauss Group
המשרד להגנת הסביבה

The Ministry of Environmental Protection