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This Unique Center is Dedicated to the Interactive Education for Sustainability

This Unique Center is Dedicated to the Interactive Education for Sustainability

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Experiential educational center for sustainable relationships between humans and nature, conducting diverse activities throughout the year for various target audiences

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Tours and study programs with an emphasis on connecting to values, experiential learning, and entrepreneurship for sustainability. The activities are approved by the Ministry of Education within the framework of GEFEN
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לקידום ושיתופי פעולה ברוח הקיימות
To promote collaboration in the spirit of sustainability, the orchard is a growing and flourishing place, established with the aspiration to make it accessible for every visitor to learn to make a positive change in their immediate environment.

Captain Thom Farkas ZL

Our Thom loved life and all it had to offer. He loved his family, his many friends, and his partner Reut. He loved to play music, oh how he loved playing his guitar which was attached to him like another part of his body. He organized musical evenings centered on his and his friends’ special music, a kind of mix between Israeli songs and 60’s classics: Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, and others.
תם פרקש

The story of Bustan Thom

Bustan Thom symbolizes Thom and other soldiers who lost their lives defending the State of Israel and, by doing so, ensuring our existance Bustan Thom (Thom’s Orchard) was established in 2010 through cooperation between ‘Mekora Farm’ and Thom’s family, with the aim of raising environmental awareness and the importance of organic farming in our lives. Their goal was to empower every visitor to make a change in his immediate environment in favor of a more sustainable life.

Our guest's comments


Amazing people. Wonderful place!
We came as a group for a day’s activity in the orchard. Had an inspiring tour, and a cooking workshop for team building, the messages were conveyed wonderfully, and we enjoyed the special activities.

Natalie Cooperstein
The Association of Banks in Israel


Bustan Thom was established by the parents of the late Thom Farkas, an Israeli Air Force pilot. A place to hold his values, a place that conveys human love for the land and for human beings. The place is run by volunteers. One of the most important places I’ve been to.

Sigalit Stern
A visitor


Bustan Thom is a spectacular place that manages to reflect the true intention of its founders, what’s more, the winery at the edge of the orchard gives a pleasant “boost” to the overall visit to the place.
Bustan Thom is definitely worth a visit. I highly recommend it.

Moshe Davidov
A visitor

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