Experiential tours, cooking workshops, volunteering, and team-building days

About 8,000 visitors experience Bustan Thom every year. They enjoy interactive tours,outdoor cooking workshops, and meaningful volunteering. We design special experiences tailored to your needs Days, and we offer team-building days with added value content and a unique experience.

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Who are our customers?

  • Private visitors
  • IDF
  • International Tourism
  • The Educational System
  • Groups and organizations
  • Special Needs Children and Adults
  • Corporations

Why Visit Us?

Nestled in the heart of the lush green Carmel, on an organic farm surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, Bustan Thom is a magical place that exudes a tranquil and breathtaking atmosphere. We invite visitors to experience together the joy of giving in to nature. Bustan Thom combines a unique story, hands-on activities, warm family hospitality, and inspiration for adopting positive habits towards both people and the environment. Come and join us in the enchanting blend of a unique narrative and the beauty of immersive activities.

What do we offer?
  • Inspiring tour of the orchard
  • Healthy cooking workshop – from the garden to the plate
  • ODT workshop. A team-building experience at the orchard.
  • Meaningful volunteering and contribution to the community
What is special about Bustan Thom?
The experience in the orchard encourages and empowers visitors to take personal responsibility for their environment and the society they live in
Please keep in mind:
  • We are Kosher Dairy
  • We have Hebrew, English, Russian, and Arabic-speaking staff
  • All visits are by appointment only
פעילות ליחידות צה"ל

Activities for Various IDF Units & Bnay Shirot

The volunteer activity of IDF units, service members, and pre-military academies is both significant and highly valued. Since the establishment of Bustan Thom, thousands of soldiers and commanders from various IDF units have visited us, contributing to and initiating amazing projects. For example, the establishment of the Bustan’s vegetable garden in collaboration with the air force soldiers of Thom, during a joint volunteering day, stands out as one of these remarkable initiatives.

Inclusive and Tailored Activities for Special Needs Childern and Adults:

It was important for us to uphold the value of fairness, which is one of the our leading principles, and to make Bustan Thom accessible to everyone.

Therefore, we have made Bustan accessible to populations with special needs in collaboration with the “Beit Hagalgalim” association. We conduct activities for individuals with special needs to introduce them to the orchard and even offer volunteer opportunities. The opportunity for every person, including those with special needs, to contribute and volunteer.

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