Cooking together - from the garden to the plate

A formative and experiential cooking workshop, which includes the use of healthy products according to the principles of sustainability.

Engage in hands-on workshops that offer practical and experiential learning opportunities, and participate in Cooking sessions that not only provides and opportunity for fun activity, but also emphasize the importance of sustainable and organic practices, using local and healthy produce.

The duration of the activity is about 3 hours, an experiential tour and a cooking workshop. At the end a shared meal.

The activity is suitable for both children and adults.

Kosher, vegetarian, dairy, a vegan menu can be offered Gluten free

After visiting the orchard, each of the participants will be able to adopt at least one thing into their private lives and thus contribute to awareness of a better, cleaner, healthier and fairer living environment

The duration of the tour is about one and a half to two hours. Groups by prior arrangement on Sunday-Thursday, 4:00-8:30 p.m

Professional training of the orchard guides Hebrew, Arabic, English – other languages by arrangement

The activity is coordinated in advance
We are waiting for you among the olives and vineyards.

Due to the high demand, it is recommended to coordinate at least a month in advance.

Customer Experience


About 100 educators at Sharet Netanya High School arrived for a day of formation, a tour and a cooking workshop, we had an amazing experience of preparing a meal together, using materials from the garden. The meal turned out delicious, and we were left with a taste for more.

Baruch, Sharet High School, Netanya


We were looking for an activity for a highlight day for the 6B College of Design team and arrived at Bustan Thom for a day of tour and cooking workshop, preparing vegetables and pastries in Tabun, in the atmosphere of a team experience of outdoor cooking. We continued with the tour and a consolidating activity, the team left with light in their eyes and great excitement.

Yafit manager – Studio 6


The training was charming, attentive to the group, the guide was knowledgeable and pleasant. The cooking workshop was fun, solidifying, everything was put to work in an amazing way. We managed to create delicious and healthy dishes from basic products that exist in every kitchen. We learned to make focaccia and pastries filled with herbs from the garden, the students were amazed by their creative abilities.

Love Boarding School