Volunteers, donors, and partners, together we are all the friendly community of Bustan Thom


Bustan Thom is a family that proves that anyone can influence and make a change in the environment in which he lives. Inspiring and appreciated.

The Friends of Bustan take an active part in events, training, and initiatives that take place in Bustan Thom and Hof Ha Carmel and constitute a stable and important core for the growth of the orchard. Their vision is to be part of a groundbreaking community to promote volunteerism and shared values.

Together, the Friends of Bustan Thom support the realization of the vision and enable great ideas to become reality, influence, and change.

Students volunteer at Bustan Thom as part of the Leviathan Scholarship Program, about 40 students from the fields of science and technology work in the orchard. The cohesive student group constitutes an active and proactive core of young people connected to social and environmental issues. The student community is active in the orchard and beyond and has formed strong social, personal, and professional ties with the veteran volunteers and the orchard staff. Every year, graduates of our programs are added to the Bustan Thom family community. As part of the year, we hold activities and training for volunteers and the general public. The activity is supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Hof Ha Carmel. We are happy to share our events with you and invite you to the Orchard community.

  • The orchard inspires visitors to take responsibility and contribute to society.
  • The orchard’s training team consists of volunteers, creating a meaningful encounter with Israeli society in all its diversity.
  • Creating Israeli pride following exposure to entrepreneurship in the fields of sustainability and health
  • A connection to Israeli heritage and values through Thom’s personal story.
  • Since the beginning of our journey, many partners have accompanied and supported our vision. From a variety of industries and humanities who have donated their time, talent, and money to promote messages and educational activities for sustainability and the environment. We thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Their support and partnership enable our continued existence, and we hope that you will join us in creating a common vision

Contribute and support the significant work of Bustan Thom – an educational, ecological center that inspires to influence the quality of life in the State of Israel and ensure our continued existence!

Here is a list of some of our partners

מלגת לוויתן
Leviathan Scholarship
Chevron, Ratio, and New Med partnership
החברה לפיתוח קסריה

Caesarea Development Company

בית הבד מקורה

Makura Organic Farm

חי שתיל


מועצה חוף הכרמל

Hof HaCarmel Regional Council

Strauss Group
המשרד להגנת הסביבה

The Ministry of Environmental Protection