In-depth programs for environmental education

Significant extracurricular learning at Bustan Thom, with professional guidance and in accordance with the curriculum.
תכניות עומק לחינוך סביבתי

Educational programs are approved by the Ministry of Education.

The activity enables the creation of a meaningful and direct encounter with the students and teaching staff visiting Bustan Thom. The educational programs enable empowerment and the provision of practical tools while experiencing and building a program adapted to the group. Communicating messages and encouraging valuable and sustainable behavior with a significant product.
תכנית במאגר הגפ"ן
Program number in Database: 26797
Supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Experiential programs with a connection to values, experience with solutions to the challenges of existence, depending on the age and the nature of the activity.
The students become ambassadors of sustainability and agents of change, in the school and the community, in cooperation with the educational staff.

Good Healthy Neighborhoods – A Unique Initiative

  • This distinctive initiative includes experiential encounters both in Bustan Thom and in the surrounding area, fostering a deep understanding between Jewish and Arab youth.
  • The program aims to consolidate shared values, empowerment, and connection to the community.
  • The outcome is a joint community project led by the students.
Values and Sustainability
  • Outdoor learning at Bustan Thom, focused on acquiring knowledge and connecting with the nearby nature. Emphasizing sustainable and ethical behavior.
  • 2-5 sessions for kindergarten and first-grade children.

Experiencing the Environment

  • Hands-on learning at Bustan Thom, including active sessions and exploration of the seasonal cycle in nature.
  • Understanding the positive impact of our actions on the environment.
  • 2-7 sessions for elementary school students.

Environmental Researchers – Preparation for Scientific Inquiry

  • This program is designed to prepare students for scientific research, aligning with the science curriculum. The initiative involves collaboration and guidance with the school’s staff, supporting students in preparing a final project at the end of the school year.
  • The program consists of 2-10 sessions , Grades 4-6.
Summer Programs and One Day Within School’s Framework
  • Single-day encounters at Bustan Thom, comprising experiential tours with the integration of Outdoor Team Building (ODT) activities.
  • Meaningful volunteer days, allowing students to actively contribute to the community.
  • Cooking workshops using garden produce, with a focus on health, understanding food sources, communal cooking, and team bonding.
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Educational Teams' Experiences


I enjoyed very much! The students really experienced the environment, each meeting was related to the previous meeting and was an in-depth process. You do amazing, high-quality and valuable work. I was happy to have the opportunity to participate and experience. Thank you very much♥️

Mashool, Atlit


The program was well spent, the instructors were professional and attentive. Even in a challenging class, due to the diversity of activities and content, there is room for every child to express themselves and stand out. The concluding activity, in which the students led and guided the first graders, brought to light a process of learning and internalization. It was amazing, thank you.

Sea Ripples Atlit


Wow! Amazing activity The students received excellent treatment, instruction and creative activities. Every activity was varied and interesting. Everyone enjoyed participating and taking part. Making pita bread, picking from the garden, building games, the students conveyed messages and learned.

Carmel Castle Club