Experience immersive tours that provide a meaningful connection with nature and the environment emphasizing Organic Farming and Values

Permaculture Vegetable Garden:
Discover a vegetable garden designed according to the principles of permaculture, showcasing sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices.

Biological Pest Control:
Hhighlighting the importance of natural and eco-friendly approaches to manage pests in the agricultural environment.

Olive Tree Orchards and Vineyards:
Flourishing olive tree orchards and vineyards, gaining insights into organic cultivation methods and the significance of these traditional crops.

Explore beehives and understand the crucial role of bees in pollination and ecosystem health. Learn about our commitment to fostering a bee-friendly environment.

Water Purification with Green Beds:
Witness the innovative use of green beds for water purification, contributing to sustainable water management practices.

Proper Waste Management:
Understand the importance of responsible waste management, highlighting the practices implemented at Bustan Thom to minimize environmental impact.

After visiting Bustan Thom, each of the participants will be able to adopt at least one thing into their private lives and thus contribute to awareness of a good, clean, healthy and fair living environment

The duration of the tour is about one and a half to two hours. Groups by prior arrangement on Sunday-Thursday, 4:00-8:30 p.m

Professional training of the orchard guides Hebrew, Arabic, English – other languages by arrangement

The activity is coordinated in advance.
We are waiting for you among the olives and vineyards