Bustan Thom - taking responsibility for society and sustainability and promoting collaborations together

Bustan Thom is a family that proves that everyone can influence and change the environment in which they live, the beating heart of our work is the volunteers and partners. We invite you to take part and be partners in our actions for society and sustainability. Bustan Thom is an educational center for sustainable relationships between man, nature and society. And works persistently with the aim of imparting tools, values and applicable solutions for sustainability, for the continuation of the path and values of the late Thom.

What do we do

The ecological-educational Center we established, teaches us how anyone can influence and maintain the existence of this land and turn it into a pleasant, detox-free, and lively place. All this in order to ensure our continued existence – and to continue Thom’s path.

From the day the orchard was established until today, we have exposed and raised the public’s awareness of the importance of preserving the natural resources of the planet and the State of Israel, instilling values of cooperation, reciprocity, and human behavior, through observation and activity in nature.
We have helped raise awareness of the importance of agriculture and its place in human development and in the resilience of the State of Israel while emphasizing the importance of organic agriculture and its contribution to the protection of the environment.

We encouraged citizens of all ages and backgrounds to volunteer and act in favor of others, for education, for ecology, and for nature conservation. Always conveying the message that everyone has the ability to influence our future in Israeli society, the State of Israel, and the planet.

Thinking about the future

Our goal is to expand and make our significant activity accessible to diverse target audiences out of the desire to influence and change the society and environment in which we live.
The organization’s resources are directed toward meaningful educational activities for soldiers, students, disadvantaged populations, and youth at risk.
Join our partners, and let’s do good.

Here us a list of some of our partners

  • The Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • Hof HaCarmel Regional Council
  • Caesarea Development Company
  • Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild
  • The Levitan, Chevron, Ratio, and New Med partnership
  • Strauss
  • The Weinrach Family
  • Pitango Venture Capital
  • Makura Organic Farm

“We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to our dedicated supporters and partners for their generosity and belief in the importance of the orchard. Their support and partnership enable our continued existence, and we hope that you, too, will join us in creating a shared vision.” Anat Farkas

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our present supporters and partners for their generosity and belief in the importance of Bustan Thom. Their support and partnership enables our continued existence and we hope that you will also join us in creating a common vision.

Get involved today and influence tomorrow

If you are interested in supporting the activity, you can contact us:
[email protected]


Here is a list of some of our partners

מלגת לוויתן
Leviathan Scholarship
Chevron, Ratio, and New Med partnership
החברה לפיתוח קסריה

Caesarea Development Company

בית הבד מקורה

Makura Organic Farm

חי שתיל


מועצה חוף הכרמל

Hof HaCarmel Regional Council

Strauss Group
המשרד להגנת הסביבה

The Ministry of Environmental Protection


Bustan Thom is registered as a non-profit association. The activity is recognized as a donation according to section 46.