In-depth programs for Environmental Education

The orchard has been operating for over 12 years, among olive groves and vineyards on an organic farm, in the heart of the green Carmel. The orchard is a growing and expanding place that was established with the aim of empowering visitors and making a change in its immediate environment. It upholds in practice the principle of personal responsibility for the benefit of a good and healthy society, with an emphasis on empowering and quality educational activities for kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school students and training programs for educational and teaching staff.

Program Approved by the Ministry of Education

תכנית במאגר הגפ"ן
Program number in Database: 26797 Supported by the Ministry of Environmental Protection

Educational Programs and Experiential Tours at Bustan Thom:
The Bustan staff includes a professional team of training and content development coordinators, an agriculture coordinator responsible for volunteering, an educational director, and expert consultants in the fields of environmental education, organic agriculture, sustainability, and extracurricular learning.

We are the first generation - Barack Obama
Our uniqueness
  • The orchard inspires students to take responsibility and contribute to society. 
  • The orchard’s training team creates a meaningful encounter with Israeli society in all its diversity. Creating pride in Israeli entrepreneurship and local development. And a connection to Israeli heritage and values through Thom’s personal story.
  • We believe in adapting the activity to the nature of the group, the time of the year, the needs of the participants, and the curriculum, while providing a substance to a variety of populations.
  • The Bustan offers a variety of activities adapted to the time of the year, and the nature of the group, strengthening the connection to Israel and connecting to sustainability values from global to local. 
  • We believe in empowering and strengthening personal responsibility and the student’s ability to influence the environment in which he lives.
  • We believe in diversity and Coexistence. All our professional training is available in Hebrew, Arabic and English.
Important Information:
  • Kosher dairy
  • Approved by GFN
  • With the support of the Ministry of Environmental Protection
  • By appointment